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Innovative Security Solutions for the 21st Century

Step into the era of security where traditional solutions meet technology. The ABIS Monitoring Center introduces a revolutionary approach to asset protection and business security, where people and technology collaborate to ensure the safety and management of your assets.


24/7 Remote Monitoring: Move away from conventional security procedures and welcome 24/7 remote monitoring. Our advanced technologies, guided by intelligent image analysis, allow continuous surveillance without the need for physical security presence on-site.

Smart Facility Management: Forget manual control. With our smart facility management, you gain complete control over the security and operation of your facility – in real-time, from anywhere.

Through remote monitoring, we not only oversee security but also control the efficiency of your building. Manage your energy systems and building administration from the comfort of your desk, saving unnecessary costs.

Collaboration with the Czech Police: We also ensure collaboration with the Police of the Czech Republic. Together, we push the boundaries of crime prevention and build a safer environment for all.

Customized Reporting: Forget about standard reports. With us, you receive customized reporting to have precise information when you need it.

ABIS Monitoring Center: Where Security Meets Innovation.

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